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Top 5 Advantages of ITIL Certification

Information Technology (IT) has transformed the lives of organizations and has completely changed the way they function. Every business phase involves information technology, be it marketing effectively, sales worldwide, customer support, business growth or business planning.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation certification course comprises of practices which are specifically designed to manage IT services of the company. Basically, ITIL serves the purpose of educating an IT professional with all the necessary practices and solutions to improve the IT services of the company.


Just like other professional courses, ITIL is equally beneficial for the IT professionals and the organizations where ITIL practices are implemented. Let us discuss few of these advantages from an IT professional’s perspective.

  1. Upgrading Skills
    IT departments become smarter in executing the allocated task using alternative methods as they are cheaper, faster and economical. The ITIL certification adds value not only to the curriculum vitae of an IT professional but also to the organization where the candidate is seeking a job or an employee who is awaiting a good salary incentive this year.
  2. Global Application
    The need for implementing ITIL framework has been felt by many organizations worldwide. Globally this has fueled the demand for ITIL certified professionals in thousands of companies. For such professionals, relocating to a new country becomes easy with job opportunities available for them in most of them. In conclusion, it is difficult to remain unemployed with an ITIL Foundation certification to your credential.
  3. Better Payscale
    Everyone is keen to climb the corporate ladder faster than the others but it’s all about how much are you willing to work for it. It is proven that ITIL Foundation training increases your chances of getting a better compensation. With an increase in the level of ITIL certification, the probability of becoming a part of the upper management increases at the organization.
  4. IT Jargons
    Every department of an organization has set of corporate jargons which are used by them on a regular basis. This also applies to the IT department and this can make life difficult for an untrained IT professional who has little clue about such terms. When you undergo an ITIL course, you automatically learn and absorb all the terms used by IT department to share information with each other.
  5. Ideal Job Profiles
    Apart from the increasing demand for professionals with ITIL certification, candidates have another advantage of being placed in the job profile of their preference. Instead of investing first few years of your career in a remotely relevant job profile to gain experience, ITIL certified professionals find the right kind of job and organization to work for.

Such a globally recognized professional certification enhances the lives of both employees and the organization. Let us quickly check out the benefits enjoyed by organizations which employ skilled ITIL certified professionals.

  • Training expenditure saved with professionals already trained with ITIL
  • Improved productivity
  • Optimum utilization of resources at disposal
  • Focusing on enhancement of weak areas in the IT department
  • Better staff retention results

These are major advantages which the ITIL Foundation certification course and its higher certificate levels provide and people all over the globe have realized this which explains the upward trend in registrations for this course. It is only wise as an IT professional to earn this certification to hone your skills and become better than your competition.